Erin and Brian | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Over two years ago they had their first date at Chapters. They grabbed a coffee and spent a few hours looking at books and talking. By the end, neither, wanted to leave, and both wanted to see each other again. Before they knew it, they were dating. Then, before they knew it, they were in love.

Erin was invited to go to Scotland in June of 2009, to stand up with her friend who was getting married, and she asked Brian to go with her. After they started planning the trip, they decided to go to Paris for a couple of days on their way to Scotland. On the first day they arrived, Erin and Brian headed out right away to do some sightseeing. They started out at the Arc De Triumph, and walked down the amazing Champs Elysees. Then they had to cross the Siene River to get to the Eiffel Tower, and ended up on the most beautiful bridge in Paris, Ponte Alexandre III. As Erin and Brian were standing there on the bridge, looking out at the city, Brian said that he had to talk to her about something. He was so serious, she thought something was wrong! He stuck his hand in his jeans pocket and pulled out the ring. As Erin stood there in shock, he told her how much he loved her and he got down on one knee. Women were walking by calling out, “Bravo! Bravo!” and clapping, and he asked Erin to be his wife. Of course she said Yes! He later told Erin that he had planned on asking her at the Eiffel Tower, but that in that moment, on the bridge, it just felt right.

Lee Mann Productions team had an amazing day with Erin and Brian and their families and friends celebrating on their wedding day July 17th, 2010! Their reception was at The Old Court House, downtown, London, Ontario. Congratulations from our team and best wishes for an awesome life together!!