CAISA Fashion Show 2011 | Allure | London Ontario Event Photography

After LMP has been involved for several years, we have to admit that no other university does fashion show season quite like the University of Western Ontario. Forget about cramming all the shows into seven days, Western’s season runs for nearly three months. What’s not to love about that?

Inarguably, the biggest show of the year (every year) is CAISA’s Fashion Show. They’ve been in production for twelve years and as they say, they’re only getting finer with age. This time around they made their production bigger and better than ever. The theme for 2011 was Allure, and the show was so beautiful with a full story line, team of dancers, and outrageously hilarious emcees.

Last Saturday March 19,2011 at Centennial Hall with a packed house there wasn’t a dull moment! It was fantastic and our photo and cinema team were so happy to be a part of it.