Jessica and Ryan | Engaged | London Ontario Wedding Photography

Love on the ice. For this sweet couple they grew up absolutely loving the ice. She loved figure skating and he loved hockey.Jessica figure skated since she was 2 years old and Ryan played hockey since he was 4 and both sports shaped the people they are today. Ry and Jessica met when he moved to london from Calgary in grade 10. They were friends right away after she gave him her number for a group project. They texted non stop and were really good friends for a couple years and eventually she got up the guts to ask him out and they’ve been happily ever after ever since! They did long distance for a while when he went to school in Toronto and Jessica went to Western. She moved to Toronto as soon as she graduated. Ryan proposed while they were on a Carribbean cruise with her parents in 2010. The love and dedication they had to their sports has now been transferred into love and dedication for one another!
Congratulations Jessica and Ryan! Lee Mann Productions Photography Team can’t wait till the summer for your wedding.