Wedding Aftershoot

After Shoots

After your wedding, perhaps even as soon as the next day, the next week or on your first anniversary, many bride’s can’t wait to get back into their wedding dress and have a chance to do a photo shoot. It’s a great chance for the bride and groom to have a fun time without the stress of the wedding.
Whether the bride and groom want to look like models, have fun, or just have another opportunity to capture some more creative , artistic and unconventional shots, this great post-wedding photo opportunity isn’t about “Trashing the Dress”, but of course that is an option if the couple wants to. It’s really about creating beautiful photos; it’s a fashionable approach that you have always dreamed of. We challenge you to think outside of the box as far as locations go. Not just a park……go beyond that….LMP loves to take couples to spots where no one has been. Unique spots for unique couples to get the most incredible shots.

Any occasion – not only after the Wedding

We also want you to know that we can do this type of Shoot if you want to have a photo session in a prom dress, bridesmaid dress, or any other elegant outfit. We love the challenge when you use your imagination. Usually brides and grooms are the ones seeking the After Shoot but we are encouraging and seeing more couples just have a great photo shoot with the focus on elegance, fun, and fashion. You don’t really need an occassion!