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Once upon a time there was a boy named Thomas, who was born in a small town in Canada. Across the globe, there was a little girl named Ruth, who was born in a far, far away land in Africa, called Eritrea. Overtime, her parents crisscrossed the globe and landed in Canada. Little did Thomas, from Dutton know that he would eventually meet a girl called Ruth, at a church called StoneyCreek.

Love at first sight, perhaps not, but a great friendship certainly did spark. Thomas would always ask Ruth to go out for coffee, go the gym together, meet for breakfast etc. Ruth, slightly oblivious, had no idea that Thomas may have been interested. Their friendship continued to blossom over the years.
Thomas, eventually moved away but never, ever lost touch with Ruth, which was incredible, because Thomas had a bad habit of losing his phone. He once dropped his phone in the middle of large lake, never to be seen again. When, Thomas would come back to visit once in awhile, he would always ask Ruth to meet up, usually for breakfast at 6:00am, before Ruth had to go to work, which for a guy who enjoys sleeping, showed dedication.
Eventually Thomas, did move back to London, and who do you think he told first he was coming back? You guessed it, Ruth! Without delay, Thomas asked Ruth to go to dinner. Ruth was happy to see her friend again. This time, however, Ruth took a little longer to get ready for dinner, and thought to herself, “Hmmm, perhaps there is something more here?” Then she thought again, “No, we’re just friends.” and went along her merry way.
Over the next two months, Ruth’s family and friends were curious at the budding “relationship” with Thomas, even when Ruth would adamantly deny it. However, Thomas had a plan, and asked Ruth if she wanted to meet one of his good friends and girlfriend in Niagara Falls. Thomas took Ruth on a fabulous first date in Niagra falls, which included a giant Ferris Wheel ride and decadent desserts, followed by a beautiful walk, which Thomas finally went in for the kill and held Ruth’s hand.
Their friendship eventually developed into a romance and one, hot summer day in August, Thomas took Ruth back to their first date location and proposed to Ruth. She of course she said, “Yes!” , but this was only after she stopped crying and Thomas had to gently remind her that she still hadn’t given him an answer. Their friendship was finally now set to music.

This beautiful couple met in university (at Ivey) and got to know each other through working together at Ernst & Young. They began dating in their first year at the firm. The beautiful spot in Kelowna was the place Jamie chose to ask the question and a year and half later they were married.
Ashley and Jamie poke fun at each other for being accountants but they also like to stay active and are involved in a number of different sports or activities, as well as both volunteer as board members of various local charities
They have done a fair bit of traveling together, including: Calgary, Kelowna, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and recently to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Wow! So lucky many would say!
Ashley loves to paint and plays a variety of different musical instruments while Jamie likes to play a variety of sports, but mostly golf and hockey.
They had such great support with friends and family who flew in from, LA, Vancouver, Calgary and Australia for the wedding. What an amazing day with great weather and they said that they couldn’t have been happier with how their day went.
Congratulations Ashley and Jamie and our team wishes you an incredible great times as you share your life together!

Aleem and Andrea met 6 years ago, while they were both studying at the University of Waterloo. They took a walk to Campus Pizza with mutual friends, chatted the whole way there and back and have been together ever since! Aleem studied Math and she studied Social Development Studies. Through various exchange programs and internships most of their relationship has been long distance; from Waterloo to BC, to New Jersey, Toronto, South America, and finally with Aleem moving for a job opportunity after graduation in New York City for 2.5 years! After Andrea made countless visits to explore NYC with Aleem (over 20 trips in 2.5 years!) he decided it was time to come home for a visit and pop the question in July 2011! He finally moved back to Toronto in January 2012, and now they are only 3 weeks away from their wedding day and so excited to move into their new Toronto apartment.
Congratulations to both of you!

They have worked together for 13 years and of that for two years they’ve been dating. Bruce is an officer and I am a dispatcher. She jokes that not only does she get to boss him around at home, but she also gets to do that at work as well, on the radio !! They both really love camping, and anything outdoors. Jodi and Bruce really like taking time just to connect with each other relaxing with a good bottle of wine. Bruce’s motorcycle is so fun for them and they go out as much as they can as well as they have been to many different spots together as they both love traveling. In fact it is best summed up that as long as they are together they are having fun and they both have the same sense of humor and will make the best of any situation.
Congratulations Jodi and Bruce. We can’t wait till your wedding next month!