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Aleem and Andrea met 6 years ago, while they were both studying at the University of Waterloo. They took a walk to Campus Pizza with mutual friends, chatted the whole way there and back and have been together ever since! Aleem studied Math and she studied Social Development Studies. Through various exchange programs and internships most of their relationship has been long distance; from Waterloo to BC, to New Jersey, Toronto, South America, and finally with Aleem moving for a job opportunity after graduation in New York City for 2.5 years! After Andrea made countless visits to explore NYC with Aleem (over 20 trips in 2.5 years!) he decided it was time to come home for a visit and pop the question in July 2011! He finally moved back to Toronto in January 2012, and now they are only 3 weeks away from their wedding day and so excited to move into their new Toronto apartment.
Congratulations to both of you!

They have worked together for 13 years and of that for two years they’ve been dating. Bruce is an officer and I am a dispatcher. She jokes that not only does she get to boss him around at home, but she also gets to do that at work as well, on the radio !! They both really love camping, and anything outdoors. Jodi and Bruce really like taking time just to connect with each other relaxing with a good bottle of wine. Bruce’s motorcycle is so fun for them and they go out as much as they can as well as they have been to many different spots together as they both love traveling. In fact it is best summed up that as long as they are together they are having fun and they both have the same sense of humor and will make the best of any situation.
Congratulations Jodi and Bruce. We can’t wait till your wedding next month!

They are casual but so cute together! The barn, the cowboy boots, but the look just suited them perfect and the venue looked stunning! Brittany and Eric you were so calm and we enjoyed shooting with you and your wedding party. It was such a great day on September 1st. You couldn’t have asked for things to work out any nicer!
Congratulations to both of you and wishing you a fun filled life together…just the way you are now!

For Taylor and Derek they were getting more excited with each minute as their day started unfolding. They couldn’t wait to see each other as the ceremony was about to begin. Their marriage is just meant to be and you can just tell when you’re around them. They are fun together, they bounce off of each other with their words and their expressions and thoughts. They are so real together!
Our team loved working with you on your wedding day Taylor and Derek and you both are beautiful inside and out! What a great start to what is going to be an incredibly solid marriage!