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Its been a long winter here in Ontario. So when we first met with Tabatha and Nate we were excited that they were planning a destination wedding in Jamaica, and even more so as the date got closer and the groundhogs prediction of an early spring weren’t coming true. It was an amazing time in sunny and hot Montego Bay and a great place to have a wedding! A wedding is normally a one day event, but for Tabatha and Nate and their friends and family they welcomed the week in the Caribbean celebrating together, and so did we and can’t wait to go back again, or a least hope that it starts to warm up back home pretty soon! The story of Tabby and Nate started 5 years ago and they would have never have imagined they would each find the love of their lives! Its something you dream of your whole life and when you find it, life without it is unimaginable. This story began all because two people fell in love!

They both knew each other from the same program a UWO, but didn’t really talk much until 4th year and then it happened and they bonded as they shared their hearts after both losing one parent to cancer. They soon couldn’t be separated and wanted to spend time together. Stacy and Aaron’s love for each other is so real. They are so free to be themselves with each other. We have loved every minute spending with them while they were just themselves in front of the camera. Congratulations to the two of you! Our team wishes you love forever the way you love each other today!

Like many fairytale love stories this one starts out in a land far far away….called Israel. Both Michelle and Moshe were living separate lives 9,266 km apart. So you may be wondering how these two met.

It all happened through a sheduch (set up) arranged by their siblings that took place while Michelle was visiting Israel for her birthday. Yes, Moshe and Michelle both found themselves on a blind date. Ever since the first time Michelle met Moshe his romantic gestures and creative dates blew her away. He spent all summer using his magic on her and tada, Michelle found herself under the spell of love.

Even though an ocean separates this couple, Moshe continues to romance Michelle with his love letters, presents in the mail and surprise videos.

Moshe put his romance into full gear on New Years Eve while Michelle was back in Israel for a visit. His Beauty and the Beast inspired proposal consisted of flowers, music, rose petals, photos, a glass encased rose from their first date with a large wall sticker asking, “Will you marry me?” But that’s not all; prince charming arranged for fireworks and an engagement party for friends and family immediately following the words “yes.”

This couple is looking forward to finally being on the same contentment so they can live out their Happily Ever After. Mazal Tov Moshe and Michelle!

Congratulations! You two had us laughing and crying all at the same time as we met with them in our office as you shared all the details of your story! You’re truly awesome!