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Fun and Adorable. They knew they were made for each other the first time they met and their families and friends just felt the connection between them right from the beginning when they started dating.
Nicole and Dale you are super sweet and Dale you just make her laugh all the time and that’s just what she needs and Nicole, you bring out the best in him, and that’s what he needs. Together that’s great blocks to start a marriage that will last a life time.
Everyone at your wedding had a blast, including us. What a great wedding party, and it blows us away to be able to work with such awesome guys and girls!
We love you both and know that you are perfect for each other! Congratulations and keep laughing all through your marriage !

Engagements shoots can be done anywhere and many different creative this that our couples like to do.
For Jackie and Tyler it was visiting the Distillery District in Toronto. It’s so cool when you have people looking at you for every direction and yet the two of them could just get lost in the moment and feel that it was just each other around. Jackie is brilliant at co-coordinating things and she did just that. You two bring excitement to life and made our team laugh a lot and pick up on that feel. We know you will be so happy as you go forward enjoying your life together.

Its been a long winter here in Ontario. So when we first met with Tabatha and Nate we were excited that they were planning a destination wedding in Jamaica, and even more so as the date got closer and the groundhogs prediction of an early spring weren’t coming true. It was an amazing time in sunny and hot Montego Bay and a great place to have a wedding! A wedding is normally a one day event, but for Tabatha and Nate and their friends and family they welcomed the week in the Caribbean celebrating together, and so did we and can’t wait to go back again, or a least hope that it starts to warm up back home pretty soon! The story of Tabby and Nate started 5 years ago and they would have never have imagined they would each find the love of their lives! Its something you dream of your whole life and when you find it, life without it is unimaginable. This story began all because two people fell in love!