London Ontario Engagement Photography

London Ontario Engagement Photography

Congratulations! Your engagement just announced to the world that you are in love and want to start planning the wedding of your dreams! Your engagement signifies your commitment to each other and deserves to be captured forever.

The Lee Mann Photography team pride themselves on capturing fantastic engagement photos with their own unique style guaranteed to bring back all those wonderful emotions when you open the photo album years later. With their unique team based approach you can be assured that your engagement photography session will be in the hands of the best photography team in Ontario.

Engagement Photo Session London Ontario Engagement Photo Session FAQs

1. Why is the engagement photo shoot important?
It a great way for us to get to know each other before the wedding photo shoot. Some people can feel awkward if we have only met you once briefly at your booking appointment! It’s important that you are comfortable with our style and we know you on a personal level so your wedding images can truly reflect your personalities and your relationship.
2. Where should we do the photo shoot?
We will do your engagement shoot anywhere you feel comfortable. Whether it’s downtown, the beach, a park, an architectural site, or a favorite spot where you go often, or any other place; we like to have your Engagement Photos not look the same as everyone’s else. Once again we want the shoot to be a reflection of your personalities.
3. When can we do the engagement photo shoot?
Photo shoots if possible, should be done in the evening. This way we get the absolute best light and if we’re lucky a beautiful sunset too.
4. What should we wear?
We like our couples to do a change of clothing part way through the shoot. Perhaps something dressy and the guys wear a collared shirt and then maybe something more casual or jeans as a change. Large patterns and big logos on t-shirts can be distracting so they aren’t the best choice..
5. When should we book the photo shoot?
The engagement photo shoot can be done soon after you book your photography or we can wait till your favorite season comes before your wedding.
6. Can we bring our dog?
Absolutely! We ask that if you are bringing a dog that you bring someone that can handle the dog when we are doing photos without him or her. Be sure to bring a leash.
7. How long does it take after the photo shoot for us to see the images?
About 5 days after the engagement photo shoot we will send you an e-mail with a passcode to your own web gallery that we will create for you and your friends and family to view and order images. Two weeks from your shoot date we will have your high resolution DVD ready for you to pick up from our office.

We hope this helps to give you a a bit more information about the Lee Mann Photography Team but we do look forward to sitting down with you and showing you more portfolio as well as getting to know you better and letting you learn more about us. Why not take a look at some of our engagement photo client testimonials, browse our engagement photo portfolio, and then give us a call or send an e-mail to set up a time to get together and discuss your engagement or wedding photo shoot. You can select one of our wedding photography packages or have us tailor something specific to your special day.

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