London Ontario Wedding Video, Videography and Cinematography

London Ontario Wedding Video and Cinematography

Lee Mann Productions London Ontario Wedding Video and Cinematography

Our LMP Team uses Photos and Cinematography to tell the most beautiful, engaging, and emotion packed story of your wedding day.

At Lee Mann Productions, we are a photography and video team of wedding photographers and videographers that have a passion for creativity and discovery. We love each couple we get to meet and the process of getting to know them and who they are. We aren’t only about telling a wedding story, we are about telling the story of YOU.

Our LMP Team is so excited to bring this new dimension to our portfolio. Our clients have already commented that they can feel the emotion behind the shots. They love having the stills that continue to seize the moments, as well as the added meaning provided by the depth and movement of the cinematography.

It is always better to see the LMP Team in action as it is hard to describe how we work, and that will not change with this addition. The fact that our Cinematographer is under the umbrella of the same team is huge. Each photo the LMP team creates for our clients is as important as each clip that is filmed. The two aspects have just a bigger effect when it’s as a whole. The whole photo team and cinematography team working together with one goal in mind and that is to capture totally and seamlessly the story of the day. We love the relationship we have with our couples that lets them be themselves in stills and cinema. We do whatever it takes to convey what the couple is all about and their uniqueness is of highest importance to the complete LMP Team.
Wedding Photographer and Videographer in one team

For years many couples have hired both a photographer and a wedding videographer, often through a separate company. Usually the photographer leads and the videographer catches what he wants. The power is in having a complete team with all working together. LMP has already shown its clients the benefits of having a team do their photography so it only makes sense to add the cinematography under the same excellent umbrella of service.
Why settle for a Wedding Photographer when you can have the Lee Mann Photography Team capturing that special day forever? Use our contact form or call us on (519) 666 0105 to discuss how we can make the day of the wedding a lot more memorable and less stressful for you.